“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


At Albemarle, we inspire and support our children to write to the very best of their ability. Reading a wide variety of exciting and interesting texts provides inspiration for our children and helps them in developing their own writing styles. We ensure that our children become confident and skilful writers, as their journey through Albemarle evolves.


Teaching Writing at Albemarle

Providing inspiration is key, which is why we ensure that our lessons are engaging, innovative and challenging. Throughout the teaching of writing, children are supported with exemplar models of writing, whether it is through teacher modelling/demonstrating or teacher scribing.


Teacher Modelling/ demonstrating

Teacher demonstrates the writing process by justifying choices, talking through the thought process as a writer and focusing upon the objective. This could include: new and challenging aspects of writing; rehearsing, evaluating, rereading, referring to success criteria, checklists and models of writing

Teacher scribing

Children participate in writing a shared whole class piece with the teacher posing as editor and writing on the board for all to see. There is a clear focus on the learning objective. Pupils are encouraged to rehearse sentences and reconsider suggestions where needed. The session is carried out at a lively pace to ensure engagement.

Our Aim

The above strategies have one aim in common – to enable children to become INDEPENDENT writers. Following on from the teacher demonstrating/scribing session, children often have the opportunity to work in small ‘guided writing’ groups where they can apply their skills to their own writing. These sessions are ‘guided’ by the teacher/TA and have a specific writing focus. Models of quality examples and prompts from learning displays can be referred to throughout the session. It is also important to ensure that children are given the opportunity to edit and improve their work - which could be achieved during a guided writing session too. Our children use their PURPLE PENS to show where they have made improvements to their work.


Most importantly, every unit of work is carefully planned to ensure that children are given opportunities to apply their learning during independent writing.


Helping at Home

A very lucky child might just bring home the class bear! There are nine cuddly companions at Albemarle: Ollie Opal, Rosie Ruby, Jedi Jasper, Amby Amber, Tiny Topaz, Emily Emerald, Samuel Sapphire, Aaron Amethyst and Dexter Diamond! We even have our very own Sports Bear, Marley, who is given to a lucky sportsperson at the end of the week too. Each bear has its very own diary so that the children can write all about its adventures over the weekend. Children may also bring home spellings, a specific writing activity or even a class quiz!


Remember...good readers become good writers!

So, always encourage your child to read at home.


Something Special

At Albemarle, we provide whole school inspirational ‘hooks’ to ensure that our children remain enthused and engaged when they are writing. We have all participated in Poetry workshops from our very youngest children to our eldest. Every child became a poet for the day and described their day of ‘drama’ using various poetic techniques.


Did you know that one of our bears, Marley went missing? The whole school searched for him all over Wimbledon Common using our maps and clues. We even had forensic scientists come in to dust for fingerprints. Tilly, the police dog searched and sniffed our school playground too! Luckily, our whole school investigation and newspaper reports helped to locate Marley and he was back in the safe hands of our school.


We have also invited the Circus into Albemarle! We learnt how to juggle, balance plates and feathers, master the diablo and swirl colourful ribbons. By the time the circus master left, some of us were able to balance a feather on the tip of our nose! Our bottom corridor was transformed into an inviting ‘Circusology’ display full of detailed descriptions of the day.


Christmas News Flash!

Two of Santa’s reindeer escaped from Lapland and made an appearance at Albemarle. They went on strike and refused to pull Santa’s sleigh! Instead, they decided that they’d much rather spend some time with our children. Many other animals decided to persuade Santa that they could do a far better job than the reindeer. Who will pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Day? Some of the animals have written some very persuasive reasons as to why they should be chosen.




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