During Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6, staff facilitate a holistic and engaging approach to education that is collaborative, fun and inspiring.

Through cross-curricular learning all subjects are given a relevance and context that helps to prepare the children to cope in an ever changing world and the next phase of their educational journey.


During Year Three, children experience the transition between Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Curriculum Overview Year 3

Please click HERE to download the Year 3 Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019.



Year 4 is the next stage of a child’s journeys through the upper phase of Albemarle.

Curriculum Overview Year 4

Please click HERE to download the Year 4 Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019.



Year 5 is a challenging and exciting year. Children are expected to be responsible for the organisation of their learning and take a mature approach towards their studies. In this year, pupils will take on a wider role within the school and learn to recognise their responsibility as role models.

Curriculum Overview Year 5

Please click HERE to download the Year 5 Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019.



In Year 6 staff build on the excellent work of previous years. Children consolidate and extend their learning through the art of questioning and become reflective independent learners.

Curriculum Overview Year 6

Please click HERE to download the Year 6 Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019.


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