Albemarle was last inspected in March 2009 and judged as being outstanding. Governors, staff, children and parents are very proud of the judgement and continuously strive to raise standards.


Text from letter to pupils explaining the findings of the inspection


16 March 2009


Dear Pupils


Inspection of Albemarle Primary School,London,SW19 6JP


Thank you for being such a big help to us when we came to visit your school. Your behaviour was excellent and you obviously enjoy your time at school. We enjoyed talking to you and looking at your work. We think your school is outstanding.


Here are some of the things your school does well.


■ The headteacher, deputy headteacher, governors and senior teachers are doing a very good job in running the school.


■ The teachers are helping you to reach higher standards and make excellent progress in reading, writing and mathematics.


■ We agree with you that learning is fun at Albemarle Primary School.


■ The school is extremely good at looking after you and keeping you safe, so all of you are


able to learn and achieve high standards by the end of Year 6.


 Here is what we think the school could do better.


■ Help you to reach higher standards in writing by the end of Year 2.


You can help by doing your very best at all times and continuing to enjoy your time in school. Remember to ask your teachers if you need help; we are sure they will be glad to help.


To view the official OFSTED report please click HERE


Best wishes for the Best wishes for the future.



Yours faithfully


John Collins


Lead Inspector

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