Meet the Staff

Leadership Team


Headteacher: Ms Theresa Moses


Deputy Headteacher: Ms Mandy Kaur


Assistant Headteacher: Ms Gemma Briggs


Assistant Headteacher: Mr Robert Hughes


Business Manager: Mrs Jackie Nolan




Business Team


Mrs Selina Stewart – Finance Manager


Mrs Shirley Newman – Admissions

and Attendance


Miss Samira Plummer - Wrap Around Care



Teaching Staff


Nursery (Opal):Ms Fani Vlanou


Reception (Ruby): Mrs Selina Moor


Reception (Jasper): Mr Andrew Neilson


Year One (Amber): Ms Laura Mcadam


Year One (Coral):Ms Amelia Alcock


Year Two (Topaz): Ms Mandy Kaur


Year Two (Citrine): Mrs Tara Dodson


Year Three (Emerald): Ms Gemma Donetti


Year Three (Jade): Mr Andrew Verney


Year Four (Sapphire): Mr Simon Hughes


Year Five (Amethyst): Ms Sarah Hubble


Year Six (Diamond): Mr Sharif Anderson


PPA Teacher: Ms Nikki Dodd

Student Teacher: Ms Jessie Maoza



Nursery Nurse


Ms Kerry Elvey



Teaching Assistants:


Ms Deanne Reid


Ms Carla Meneo


Ms Jamie Langhorne


Ms Barbara Campous


Mr Kumsal Salih


Mr Omar Walker


Ms Charlotte Walker


Ms Carolin Einsiedler


Ms Holly Porter


Ms Joanne Burgess


Ms Saffron Moses


Mr Michael Dixon

Inclusion Assistant:

Christine Banton



Motivational Leader:


Mr Martin Campbell



Singing Coach:


Mr John Fisher



Lunchtime Supervisors:


Mrs Jackie Bone


Ms Emma Quartermaine


Mrs Michelle Kelly


Ms Barbara Campous


Ms Francia Scanlon


Ms Tracey Harriott


Ms Renee Henry



Breakfast Club


Mrs Noushin Biria


Ms Jackie Mokolongo


Ms Joanne Burgess




After School Care - Twinkling Stars


Mr Martin Campbell (Co-ordinator)


Ms Emma Quartermaine (Playleader)


Ms Charlotte Walker (Playleader)




Catering Staff


Mrs Noushin Biria


Mrs Bellanira Giraldo Montiel


Ms Jackie Mokolongo



Premises Staff


Mr Jamie Ball (Premises Manager)


Mrs Janet Belding (Cleaner)


Mrs Joanne Tompkins (Cleaner)


Mrs Jackie Mokolongo (Cleaner)


Mr Leslie Barham (Cleaner)


Mr Bill Blacker (Playgrounds)





Clerk to Governors


Ms Gill Thompson



ICT Technician:


Mr Andrew King


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