At Albemarle we are committed in providing a creative art based curriculum which enables children’s talents to be recognised and catered for.


During lessons, children are introduced to and explore a range experiences through quality first skills and knowledge based teaching.


Inside the classroom children, are empowered and equipped to reflect upon their own creations and provide constructive feedback to their peers’.


While outside of the classroom the learning environment acts as a role model as well as a stimulus for future projects.


Across the school year, families are encouraged to take part in enriching experiences such as; parent and child workshops, whole school events (see the Big Draw) and trips to galleries which take place both inside and outside of the school day.


The Big Draw


comments from parents and family member who attended the event


  • Children and parents can play and draw together.
  • My son enjoyed it and most of all his friends were together.  It was a big fun day.
  • That all my kiddies could take part; even my toddler.
  • Watching all the kids painting and being creative and messy.
  • Watching the kids drinking in the colours, getting physical with their hands and faces!
  • Using the chalk dust to draw

Art Project Winners

The Big Draw 2013

The Big Draw 2014

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