At Albemarle, we are very proud of the children and their achievements. In recent years, the strive for excellence from staff has resulted in the children's achievements being recognised by the DfE.


Pupils at Albemarle are provided with a highly effective and individualised platform from which to build upon when they progress through the Early Years. The amount of children achieving a Good Level of Development (GLD) has progressed year after year and is consistently in line with or above National averages.


In November 2017, the school received for a third time,  a letter from Nick Gibbs MP, conveying his congratulations to the staff and the pupils for the very high standard of achievement in this year's phonics check' The letter went on to state that the results placed Albemarle 'in the top 8% of schools, with at least 95% of pupils achieving the expected standard in the check'


Please click HERE to read the letter in full


Achievement across Key Stage 1 over the last three years has been consistently high, with pupils exceeding local and National averages across all subjects. In 2018, 80% of pupils achieved expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths compared to 65% of pupils nationally.


Since the introduction of the new, much more challenging National Curriculum, achievement data at the end of Key Stage 2 has continued to improve and is in line with local and above National achievements across Reading, Writing and Maths.


For more information on our school's achievements over the last two years please click HERE





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